Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my website.


an imageMy earliest memories were feeling the enchantment of theatre & cinema. I would gather my friends, find make-shift costumes & re-enact a drama seen from one shilling seats in the local ‘pictures’. Toy theatres & puppets followed & we would give performances, charging other ‘kids’ one penny for the privilege. I still have those puppets, worth today a great deal of money.

I was always chosen for the school plays & in my early 20’s founded 2 youth drama groups-one with the Salvation Army & the other for the old Inner London Education Authority.

Although my career was in graphics, I always longed to work in theatre. So in my mid 40’s I did a 4 year extra mural course in theatre studies at the University of London & then a further 2 years training as an actor at the Poor School. I had decided that even if I fell flat on my face, I was going to ‘have a go, before I popped my clogs’.

I hope that you will read my cv & see that my work has been varied & interesting. The one thing that I have learned is that you are never too old to try something new & I hope that I will continue to be cast in many roles in this wonderful profession.

Thank you.